Until 1986, thousands of tons of coal were mined at Zollverein every day. Nowadays, art, culture, design and innovative companies dictate the rhythm at Zollverein.

Zollverein World Heritage Site – Fascinating industrial monument and internationally recognised cultural location.
Zollverein, which was once the largest and most modern coal mine in Europe, has been designed in the ‘New Objectivity' style. Zollverein is still considered the most beautiful coal mine in the world. In 2001, the coal mine together with the coking plant and the adjacent Shaft 1/2/8 were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Especially for artists, Zollverein is an ideal source of inspiration.

Symbol of the structural change of an entire region.
The distinctive double-rack winding tower of the former Zollverein Shaft XII constitutes the landmark of the region and is a symbol of the structural change of the Ruhr area. Since the redesign of the approximately 100-hectare area, numerous companies have settled in Zollverein's proximity, revitalising this extraordinary location. Art and design exhibitions, concerts, contemporary dance performances or guided tours on the history and architecture of the site attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

Artists, jewellery and product designers, all under one roof.
The inspiring atmosphere of the world cultural heritage finds its vibrant artistic expression in Hall 12. Artists, jewellery designers and product designers manufacture, exhibit and sell their works of art and accessories in workshops, studios and shops. Here, visitors can experience the diversity of Zollverein cultural site. They can take a look over the artists' shoulders: for example artist Thomas Mack who has been located at Zollverein since 2000 and who integrates the architectural scenery into his pictures.

Surrounded by art.
The wide-open double doors of Thomas Mack's studio invite visitors to spend some time in the studio and marvel at the pictures, paintings and works of art. When entering the high-ceiling room, visitors will make a lot of discoveries: Pictures hang up to the ceiling and numerous additional pictures are in stands, folders or drawers. Etchings, aquarelle paintings, works of calligraphy or photo frottages – the artist Thomas Mack masters many of the sometimes very old techniques and catches the visitor's attention with his great variety of styles. Learn more about his artistic approach in the following section.