Curriculum Vitae

Born in Stuttgart

1970 - 72
Glasfachschule Rheinbach (Vocational school for glass processing and manufacturing and glass design)

1972 - 80
Design studies at Universität Essen

1980 - 82
Archaeology studies at Universität Hamburg

1982 - 87
Photography projects
Topic-related works especially with regard to urban landscapes in Brussels, Paris and London

1985 - 94
Freelancer in various areas of applied graphics and theatrical production
Project-related work at Folkwang Musikschule, Essen
E.g. scenic design

Since 1994
Freelance artist focussing on:
Etching and printmaking techniques
Acrylic paintings
Photo frottages

1996 - 98
Exhibition, e.g. at Galerie Gierlich, Essen

Galerie Schaffrath, Viersen

Exhibition at Mercatorgalerie, Duisburg

Since 2001
Studio at Zeche Zollverein (Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex), Shaft XII, Hall 12, Essen

Exhibitions at Kulturwerkstatt Duisburg

Medienzentrum, Duisburg

Joint exhibition with the WIR-JETZT-HIER artist group:
Kunst im Knoblauchhaus, Essen
Kunstprojekt 15/24, Essen

Triple Z exhibition, Essen

Ruhrkunst goes r(h)ein exhibition, Cologne

Zwischen den Jahren exhibition in cooperation with WIR-JETZT-HIER at Wandelbar, Essen

Formsprache exhibition,
Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft (regional development company)
Zeche Zollverein, Essen

Exhibition of etchings, art 73-Galerie, Ratingen

BurgART exhibition, Lüdinghausen

Spuren exhibition
Galerie Wyschürweiertal
Winterthur, Switzerland

Roermond, Netherlands

Schichtwechsel - 4 Tage Freistil auf Zollverein exhibition

Industriekultur - Landesverband Rheinland, Essen

Small retrospective
Works from the last six years
KPMG in Essen

Joint exhibition at Bürgermeisterhaus Werden, Essen

Etchings from the series:
Schriften (typefaces) and Industriekultur (industrial culture)
Galerie am Stern, Essen

Small retrospective at Kunsthaus Möhnesee
Kätelhön - Graphic reproductions

Art in public spaces
Operating centre 2, large staircase at Klinikum Essen

Exhibition at Firma Tünkers, Düsseldorf

Exhibition at Bürgermeisterhaus Werden, Essen

Art Galerie 73 Malerei/Grafik, Düsseldorf

Exhibition at Bürgermeisterhaus Werden, Essen

Artistic Approach

"My artistic approach", explains Thomas Mack, "is similar to the one applied by an archaeologist who removes layer by layer without even knowing at the beginning of an excavation what exactly he will find." This comparison describes the artist's work very visually. The artist works in stages and alternatingly processes several projects at the same time. One moment, he spends his time with fine calligraphy, next he creates an acrylic painting with impulsive brush strokes, and then might produce etchings or photo frottages. Just as Thomas Mack combines all these different techniques in his works, he also stylistically aims at plurality. His highest priority is not to master one style, but the idea and concept behind it. He concisely calls this approach ‘Concept over mastery of style‘.

Once he has developed an idea and concept for a new piece of art, he follows an intuitive process: He completes his work on the basis of impulses that arise during the creative process. Comparable with a map, the different components and fragments are linked with each other and help give orientation to the sometimes complex works. From reduced monochrome shapes to figural art, Thomas Mack skilfully and artistically passes individual steps during the creative process, always switching between multi-layer and multi-font work and informalism. This ultimately leads to the finished piece of art.
Similar to the excavation carried out by an archaeologist, this discovery process remains exciting right until the very end. Just as an archaeologist may discover the long-desired treasure after five or sometimes after 500 meters, Thomas Mack sometimes discovers what he was looking for in the first layer, sometimes after a much longer process.

For the visitors, this is very fortunate, as they do not need to search very long until they find their own individual treasure between the overwhelming variety of graphics, prints, drawings or aquarelle paintings.